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In fast running and busy life we are getting smart and global every day, and we are connecting ourselves with others on internet through social networking sites and Smartphone apps

Every branch of society is getting technical and smart in science, medical, economics and other sectors, but somewhere art is untouched with the smartness of technology, Art has less information sources then others.

To fulfill the need of art society ART TIMES is a smart and unique international platform which contains web TV program, Newspaper, web News, art association and social networking for contemporary art, video art, art events, exhibitions, artists, critics, collectors, Education and art audience worldwide.

ART TIMES is a news source to know what is happening in the field of art in India and for the first time in the history in Indian art when an online digital newspaper and WebTV was launched in April  2008 in an Art Event “Eyes Recast” which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari in Lalit Kala Academy Gallery, Rabindra Bhavan on 7th of April to 6th of May 2008.

with the time and technology Art Times also upgraded and started working in modular media construction of digital videos that are broadcast via internet and web TV globally, aimed at large audience and an open source 24×7 permanent video library for all.

Television is the most dominant media of our time, television today, prompted by digital technology development, enters the phase in which its progress adopts many different aspects of interactive and computer technologies, thus generating ever growing semblance of freedom of creativity and content.

Artist communicate to this world by art exhibitions, workshops and his art language. In the contemporary world of technology, world has got an opportunity to get in touch with anybody they want in the world by the help of Internet, newspaper, magazines, television. Publicity has now become a requirement for the entire artists fraternity to show his art to the society and entire world. In this fast moving world media is a big support for an artist in every way and ART TIMES is an informative Newspaper, webTV , e-paper &  web news portal for art information and  promotion.

ART Times It is an initiative taken by “FACE India foundation for art, culture & education” to support artist fraternity.

Artists can share their views, thoughts, experiences and invitations about their exhibitions or shows to the art community,  Artist can get a video interviews and broadcast on the webTV.

Contact  us on arttimesmail@gmail.com or call us on 9599992888
ART TIMES is a huge canvas, what all required is the hands with brushes dipped in colors of their arts.