Joun Gi Soon & White Tiger’s Force

Korean Artist in India

12 years from Korea to India

Viren Lotus, Art Times

Joun Gi Soon has come all the way travel from Korea to India for showcasing his digital paintings, he is exhibiting in India since 2008 and this year he has exhibited his art works in All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi.
Joun is currently is working as professor /PHD. Literature & Digital Art Dept. Multimedia Design KNU, Korea. Many times he comes to India also to give his lectures in Delhi University. His digital paintings are different and unique in general, because his painting doesn’t look like digital, even when you see his paintings so you say “wow what a beautiful paintings” and when you see his exhibition title then you realize these are digital art works,
In 2020 Joun art work is mainly focus on Tigers, because he like Indian tiger and he says India is like a tiger in this planet and India is very strong, so I see India as a tiger.
Joun is very excited to paint more on this beloved country India and he will continue showcasing his works in India and all around the world, next time he want to expend his energy more than this time and build strong visual .
Joun is very famous and known face in India and Korea art industry and education field, there are very limited artists are who has made this reputation in this field and he is one of them.
Don’t miss his beautiful tiger digital paintings, you can see his solo exhibition in All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society from 31st Jan 2020 to 6th Feb 2020

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