Janpath underpass to Exhibition walk through with Triumph of Masterworks

Viren Lotus, Editor in Chief, ART TIMES

Triumph of Masterworks : Our National Pride” –   A group Art & Sculpture Exhibition inaugurates at Janpath Subway by Chairman, NDMC.

At the beginning of New Year the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has organized a group art and sculpture exhibitions entitled – “Triumph of / Place, New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman said that the main objective for organization such event was for the wellness of the urban life which had been deteriorating due to prevailing stress in the day-to-day life of the people. And added that such type of activities would help to bring the art and culture out of the boundaries of art galleries, museums and auditoriums to open public space for the recreation and enjoyment of the common people.  
He said that the fourth edition of group art exhibition of its kind provide an opportunity to senior, mid-career and budding talents in this field, who are constantly working on their individualistic style and already making marks in this field contributing legacy to Indian Art scenario organized by NDMC.
While discussing with the curator Kishore Labor we found this exhibition is a unique show because this exhibition is a public exhibition and this exhibition can be view while crossing Janpath underpass.
Landscape Painter Priyadarshi Gautam said he paints only mountain landscape and spread freshness all around the space and he thanks to the organizers  and said this exhibition has selected best artists from industry and it gives all artist equal chance
“Triumph of Masterworks : Our National Pride” have presented 57 contemporary artists of India who are effectively exploring various methods, materials and techniques for year after year, producing distinctive artworks and regularly showcasing their experimental outcome in a range of forms like drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and many more.

Timings: 3-18 Jan 2020, 11am-8pm

Participating Artists Anil Tato I A. K. Azad I Anita Dinesh I Amrit Kapoor I Anjali Kumar I Ashok Pillai I Archana Jha I Alp_bee Chauhan I Bhaskar Singha I Chhuttan Lal Meena I Darshan Sharma I Darshan Singh I Deepika Bedi Puri I Dr. Chhaya Dubey I Dr._Alka Chkudhary I Dr. Suryasnata Mohanty I Dr. Prince Raj I Gurdeep Singh I Jatin Chaudhary I Kiran Soni Gupta I Kamal Devnath I Kamlesh Tiwari I Kanchan Parkash I Lokeswara Rao I Mangae Ram I Manju Narain I Manjula Kumar I Monika Singh I Mohit Bhardwaj I Mahendera Rai I Manoj Bhatti Nidhi Srivastava I Nawal Kishore I Niveciita Pande I Nidhi I Prince Chand I Padmini Mehta I Priyadarshi Gautam I Prem Lata I Ranjit Sarkar I Renu Jain I Rajender Kumar I Rashmi Malhotra I Rajender Bharti I Sailesh Sanghvi I Sulu Mathew I Shiven Sharma I Shivraj Singh I Shibani Kathuria I Vatsala Arora Khera I Vasanthula Ramakrishna I Vijaya Vedh I Vijay Vansh

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